Three essential Christmas looks

Three essential Christmas looks

The tree is up, the presents are sorted (if not yet quite wrapped!), so now's the time to turn your thoughts to your festive look. You've no doubt put some effort into making your home look gorgeous, ready to welcome guests, so it's only right that you should focus a little attention on you. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Christmas rush to even think about what you might wear, here's a little bit of inspiration that might just help you out. 


Christmas Eve
You've made it. All the rushing and wrapping is done. It's time to really enter into and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Your outfit needs to be comfortable and practical (especially for any last-minute errands), but also feel a little bit special. Our skirt and jumper combinations have this nailed - relaxed, warm. comfy and stylish.  


Left to right:

Achille jumper in khaki £79 and Axelle skirt £55

Bob jumper £72 and Aria maxi skirt £55 

Dolce maxi skirt £69 and Raphael vest £49


Christmas Day
It's here! Time to sparkle as much as the tree is. Today calls for something special. Our skirts and dresses are party-perfect, whether you're at home with just your closes loved ones, out for a special lunch or hosting the family. 


Left to right:

Tina tulle maxi skirt in polka dot beige £89 and Jack cardi in ecru £65

Also pictured with our Felix tank top in camel £59

Tina tulle maxi skirt in polka dot navy £89 and Felix tank top in ecru £59

Left to right:

Ysee maxi dress gold leopard £69 

Pia maxi dress paisley £69

Alma dress in ecru £95 paired with our suede belt (various colours) £20


Diva dress £99 with Felix tank top in green £59

Dua maxi dress navy £99

Drusella maxi dress in green £75


Boxing Day
Aaaand relax! It's time to unwind on the sofa and indulge in this day of rest. Boxing Day calls for relaxed knits, comfort and warmth (and eating leftovers!).


Hugo cardi in burgundy £52 

Achille jumper in ecru £79

Sofia maxi cardi in camel £89




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