The ultimate guide to making the most of your wardrobe

The ultimate guide to making the most of your wardrobe

Along with every other element of our lives, what we wear has seen some significant changes in the last year. Loungewear sales have increased exponentially, the daily workwear has become jeans and tees or jumpers - and subsequently what we wear at the weekend doesn't feel very different. 

Even if you're juggling working from home and home schooling, the lack of social activities means you might have a little more time on your hands to organise your wardrobe - you see, there's always a silver lining! 

Whether you've been shopping online more than ever before or haven't bought anything new for months, it's a great opportunity to sort out the panic buys, the go-to items and the nostalgic old things you can't bear to throw away. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your wardrobe. 


#1 Work out your uniform
Everyone has - or should have - a uniform. You know best what suits you, so use that knowledge to your advantage. The most stylish women in the world know what looks good on them and they stick to it. That doesn't mean buying things that are identical to what you already own - it simply means buying shapes, cuts and shades that you know you can wear well and are complementary to each other. That way, you can effortlessly mix and match and you'll always look beautifully put-together. 


#2 Get to know your wardrobe
Knowing exactly what's already in your wardrobe before buying anything else is a smart thing to do. It sounds obvious, but we're all guilty of having forgotten items in our closets - from things you bought and never wore, to pieces now not seeing the light of day due to lockdown, or those beloved items that you haven't worn for years but can't throw away. Brush up on your inventory to help you buy pieces that are complimentary to what you already have. 


#3 Have a good clear out - and be brutal!

We all have those pieces that you've loved for years or have memories attached to them, but you hardly ever wear anymore. While you don't want to throw away the really special ones, it's also not practical to hold onto everything. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn it in the last year, it should go. Having said that, this last year has been pretty exceptional, so the alternative is to bring that piece to the front of your wardrobe and if you don't wear it at all this year, then it's time for it go to another place, be it another home or the recycling. 

#4 The one-in, one-out rule
Every time you introduce a new item to your wardrobe, you should say goodbye to another. This is a great way to keep what's in your closet to a practical, manageable size. It also makes it easier to keep track of what you own and prevents you from buying something you don't completely love. If you stick to the rule, knowing that you'll have to get rid of something to buy something else, you'll only ever buy pieces you really love. And that means you far more likely to wear them too! 


#5 Clothes swapping
A great way to spend less, do your bit for sustainability, and keep your wardrobe feeling fresh is to swap clothes with your most stylish friends. Sticking to the one-in, one-out rule above, have a deal with one or two friends or plan a clothes swap party with a larger group (also a great excuse for a gathering once lockdown and restrictions lift). 


#6 Search for new brands
It's easy to fall into a style rut and shop with the same familiar brands because you've got comfortable with them. You want to keep with your absolute favourites, but mixing it up with new labels can get you feeling excited again about what you wear. From exploring designer labels to mid-range brands and independent retailers, you'll come across some great finds that will elevate your style. Just make sure you stick to rule no.1 and buy according to what you know suits you!



#7 Use the hanger trick
We love this trick, as it's a great litmus test for wearability of a piece and gives you an idea of what should or shouldn't be part of your uniform (see rule no. 1). At the start of each season, place all your hangers in the same direction and each time you wear a piece, turn the hanger the other way. You'll quickly see what you wear and what you don't. This will help you decide what goes when it comes to clearing out later in the year (rule no. 3)!


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