If you're looking for inspiration on how to wear neutrals, look no further than French women and designers. They have been artfully creating looks with neutrals for decades. Think Audrey Hepburn in creamy Givenchy, Catherine Deneuve in leopard print by Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel in her signature black.

Neutral colours are those that lack strong pigment and generally don't appear on the traditional colour wheel. They include black, white, grey, beige, brown, khaki and navy. The magic of neutrals lie within the multitude of shades within each of these core colours. For example, white can range from pure, crisp white to delicate ivory and ecru. Likewise, brown doesn't have to be dark - it can be a dusty taupe, autumnal camel or deep chocolate. 

Neutrals are far from boring. The tricks to making them interesting include mixing and matching neutrals together. For example, pair an ecru blouse under a navy sweater vest and layer it with a camel coat. Or play with different shades of the same colour, such as taupes or greys, for a look of elegance. Textures are important too. Contrasting textures - such as leather with soft or ribbed knits - will elevate your look in the most subtle way. Classic prints like plaid or houndstooth will also pair effortlessly with neutrals. 

Inspired? Here are some of our favourite neutrals from our AW21 collection.


Rosie jumper in ecru £68

Maelys cardi in camel £57



Augustin jumper £49

Raphael vest in camel £49



Leon jumper in ecru & camel £65



Eloise maxi cardi £89

Iris jumper camel £49


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