My top 5 French skincare brands

My top 5 French skincare brands

French women are famous for their impeccable style, but their allure is also down to what they use on their skin. They are just as discerning about the skincare products they use as their fashion. The best French skincare brands are simple, science-based, organic where possible, and hard-working and this is evident in the faces of millions of women who have had access to these brands throughout their lives. 

I used to have to stock up every time I returned to France, my bags bulging with my favourite French pharmacy brands. Thanks to online shopping, these products are now far more widely available to us which means that youthful glow is all the more achievable (and I can put other things in my bags instead!) 

Here are the French skincare brands that I - and thousands of other women - swear by. 

Nuxe products pamper your skin like nothing else. Their famous dry oil, Huile Prodigieuse, quickly reached cult status when it was launched in the early 90s and still remains an iconic product today. You can use it on your face, body and hair to repair and nourish. I also love Nuxe's rose-based cleansing products which soothes your skin while it cleanses. And their organic which I prefer to use wherever I can. 

Caudalie has harnessed the power of grape seeds - one of the world's most potent sources of antioxidants - and put it into their gorgeous organic, paraben-free products. I love the Crème gourmande for nails and their shower gels are delicious. And for an intense moisture boost, you can't go wrong with the Vinosource Intense Moisture day cream. 

Institut Estherderm
I swear by the Institut Estherderm sun screen range - it is just the best. The quality is amazing, the smell is delicious and very affordable in France. The price often gets hiked up with UK retailers so it's worth shopping around. They're also famous for their daily facial care. 
If you love a polished nail, but you're concerned about what you're putting on them, look to Kure Bazaar's eco range. They use up to 85% natural materials in their formula which drastically reduces the toxins going into your nails. And they have a wide range of fashionable, long-lasting colours which I just love. 

If I could buy all the shower gels from this range, I'd be happy! The scents are just dreamy and instantly transport me to the sunny south of France. They are all organic and you can buy eco-friendly refill packs. The cuisine hand soap is brilliant at getting rid of onion and garlic traces from your hands when cooking. 


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