My top six French jewellery brands

My top six French jewellery brands

Think of French jewellery and the mind often leaps to some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery designers and houses - Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, De Grace... all based in Paris, of course.

Unfortunately, the purse strings don't often stretch to these lofty heights, and more so, the pieces these houses create are not for the everyday, divine as they are.

However, I have found some fabulous
 French jewellery brands whose mission it is to make you look and feel fabulous every day of the year. Stylish, beautifully made, unique and oh-so wearable, here are my top six French jewellery brands that I return to time and again. 


Hypso Paris

HYPSO creations are born in a Parisian workshop. Entirely assembled by hand, they are constructed from vintage pieces featuring gold medallions, chunky links, semi-precious stones, seashells, astrological signs, shamrocks and other statement objects. I love their locket necklaces and you can add different charms for an interesting, layered look. 


Camille Enrico

Drawing inspiration from all over the world, Camille Enrico translates into her jewellery a cultural richness acquired during her travels. Her designs are an amalgamation of precious and raw materials, of ancient and modern techniques, of shimmering and trendy colours, and of uncluttered yet sophisticated pieces. 


Virginie Berman

Virginie Berman comes from a long line of jewellery makers and her handmade creations are gilded with 18-carat gold in Parisian workshops and adorned with natural stones and enamel features. Each piece is produced with pure lines and precious details in mind. I 
love everything especially the long necklace and bangles. 


Dear Charlotte

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are gilded in fine gold and then sandblasted to give each creation a sense of softer, romantic times gone by. I love the bangles and pairing one her chunky gold necklaces with a printed shirt. It's a classic look that never gets old. 


Luj Paris

With creations made from of 18 carat gold-plated brass, and set with
 precious and semi-precious-stones, each piece is unique and emblematic. The ethos is both contemporary and antique, romantic and fashionable. And the end result is pure subtle French elegance. 


de Jaegher Wild Fine Jewellery 

Another French designer with a family history in jewellery design, Vanessa de Jaegher's creations all feature vintage, gipsy, bohemian and rock 'n' roll references. Her pieces are fun, unapologetic and statement, and I love that!

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