Tell us about yourself
Katie: I live with my husband in the heart of the countryside in Kent. I have two children, 27 and 25 who live together in London.
We used to live in Parson’s Green when we were first married and the children were very small so I love the fact M & L’s head quarters are there.
We moved about 20 years ago when my two year old son became obsessed with golf and we needed a bigger garden.
Happily a lot of my greatest friends still live in Fulham and it was one of them that introduced me to Marie & Lola through her charity The Daisy Trust. Thank goodness she did!
Henrietta: I am 25 years old and I live in Parsons Green with my older brother Alexander. I came to London in 2020 after graduating from Edinburgh university. My family live in the countryside in Kent and I love to go home when I can at weekends for a change of scene and pace of life.
My shopping habits
Katie: I tend to stick to only a few brands that I love and that will work for different occasions, the clothes shopping here locally is very limited so it is great to have M&L to rely on.  I also like Sandro and Maje but even with outlet prices they are often 3x more expensive. I love to scour the M&L website, it's regularly updated and as everything generally sells fast I have to be very quick!
Henrietta: I enjoying shopping whenever possible, I tend to use a mixture on online and in store. My love of clothes started quite early - we have family friends who live in Paris and as a little girl I used to be fascinated by the way the French have such a chic effortless style. I remember my French Godmother coming to stay wearing beautiful scarves, leather boots and chic jackets. My mother and I tend to like similar things and so we often share wardrobes which is made up of so many M&L clothes!
Luckily, my mother’s crazy addiction is definitely dresses and when she has worn them to death I am allowed a look in. I also have M&L jumpers and loads of tops and skirts.
I also shop at:
  • Sandro
  • Maje
  • Claudie Pierlot
  • Zara
  • Sezane
  • Other stories
  • Rouje
  • Reformation
What is your everyday outfit?
Katie: My everyday outfit is definitely a dress in the summer and jeans and a top /jacket the rest of the year.
Henrietta: I love wearing jeans with a white blouse and trainers.

My favourite M&L piece is...
Katie: it would be impossible to call as I love them all, recently in this hot weather I have been wearing the Esme dress in blue and I adore it!
Henrietta: I have a favourite M&L piece for every occasion! 
In Morocco on holiday recently my mother and I wore a selection of M&L dresses both by the pool and in the evenings and quite a few guests wanted to know where they were from.
We loved the terracotta colours of the dresses with the rusty/sandy Atlas mountain back drop. I am going to Greece with my boyfriend shortly and I'm looking forward to wearing the Millie sundress and Oriane white dress. In Greece I like to wear blues and whites.
Working style...
Katie: I am not now working right now but I used to be an Estate Agent in Parson’s Green which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m glad to see the village atmosphere is still very much there today as it was all those years ago. These days I love to walk my two golden retrievers on the North Downs and play tennis whenever I can. I enjoy seeing family and friends snd the odd trip to London or further afield.
Henrietta: I used to work for Maje before I moved to London, so I learnt a lot about the fashion industry and the French way of styling. I now work in Finance for an Investment Management firm in Pall Mall so I need to try and look presentable. There are often events through work so it is great to turn to Marie and Lola for something appropriate whatever the occasion!
Currently, my favourite dress for work is the Molly I start very early in the morning - it's so easy to put on and always looks smart. I also like my M&L shirt dress for the same reasons.
My secret
Katie: My secret is that I shop with  M&L so often I have to rush to meet Ian our lovely postman first to grab the exciting pink parcel before my husband sees! Now the postman and I have an arrangement and I meet him at the back of his van!
Henrietta: I am training for The London Marathon at the moment so I need to try and keep fit and build up my running miles so I can often be found jogging around Fulham.
"Thank you Marie & Lola for providing clothes that we wouldn’t normally be able to source ourselves . I love the fact they are hand picked from Paris , affordable, fun and current."

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