Tie dye has been creeping back into the style realms for a few years now and some big businesses have taken off producing ink-inspired lines in all shades of unicorn for the young boho set, Coachella regulars and their followers. However, this season tie dye has grown up and wants to be taken a little more seriously.

Big name designers such as Gabriela Hearst and Proenza Schouler reimagined tie dye in their SS21 collections using two-colour ombre effects and shades that are darker than the typical pastels to give an altogether more refined look. 

Here are our top tips on how to wear the tie dye trend this season...

1. Avoid the homemade concentric circles look. There are many pieces out there now with more chic, stylised ink effects such as our Audrey maxi dress

Audrey maxi dress in green £69. Also available in blue.


2. Keep it simple and elegant by pairing a duo-toned tie dye piece like this beautiful lemon skirt - coming soon - with a complementary separate and some well-chosen accessories. 


3. For an elegant head-to-toe pastels look, choose a soft ombre effect - such as the one used in this subtle summer dress - coming soon - rather than stronger rainbow patterns. 

4. Get edgy with it. Tie dye can look incredibly chic when applied to a more structured top in a darker shade, like our Andrew top in blue. Pair with dark high-waisted trousers for the office or indigo jeans for the weekend. 

Andrew top in blue £46. Also available in green for a softer more relaxed look. 


5. Shoes can transform the look. While sandals and tie dye go hand-in-hand in true boho style, you can play around with any pairing from practical to playful. We love wearing our Janie skirt with trainers, or elevating the look with a fun, vibrant heel. 

Janie midi skirt in blue £55. Also available in green.


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