Five best French lingerie brands

Five best French lingerie brands

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month – a cause close to my heart and so many others – we’re talking about lingerie; French lingerie, to be precise – and in my opinion, the best kind!

French women are renowned for intrinsically knowing how to create the ultimate chic wardrobe, but they are just as savvy with what goes beneath as what goes on top.

The word ‘lingerie’ is derived from the French linge – or linen – which undergarments were traditionally made from. These days, lingerie is synonymous with secret and alluring beauty. And there’s no doubt that the French know their culotte from their camisoles. Here is a rundown of my favourite French lingerie brands and why I love them.

Princesse Tam Tam

A figurehead in the industry for fun, accessible lingerie, Princesse Tam Tam was a lovable start-up in Paris 30 years ago with a plan to change how lingerie is designed, styled and worn. They’ve succeeded and they now sell their pretty, fun and colourful range all over the world. They have a wonderful post-surgery range, as well as nightwear, swimwear and loungewear.


Etam Paris

In their own words, Etam have delivered ’100 years of audacity, playfulness and French sexiness’, and this spirit comes across in their designs. Playful, modern and beautiful, they are known for their high quality, elegant and affordable lines.


Aubade Paris


The last word in sophisticated, seductive lingerie, Aubade puts all of its corsetry expertise in the creation of beautifully made lingerie for both women and men. Glamorous and incredibly feminine, their pieces are the special kind that you have in your drawers for years.



This brand celebrates the beauty of the real female form, not the idealistic one. Their creations are pretty, feminine and affordable and they positively promote a range of body types in their marketing. I love their nightwear too – simple, dreamy and oh-so comfortable.



A true original, I love this brand for their unapologetic modern design, use of colour, dedication to detail and the artistry that goes into how they cut their pieces – they are committed to creating underwear that works in harmony with the body’s natural movements. I love their swimwear too.

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