No longer only the preserve of Victorians, Edwardians and Princess Diana, oversized collars are absolutely everywhere once again. A little bit prim and a whole lot of pretty, they are more versatile than you might think. Here's how to embrace the collared-look in 2021. 


Let's start with the classic high neck ruffle collar. It has an unmistakably Edwardian feel - structured, yet still soft and romantic. This kind of collar is perfect when peeking out from the neck of your favourite round neck jumper. It can also add a pretty subtlety when worn under sweatshirts or a cable knit vest.



When it comes to pilgrim style collars, the bigger the better right now. Wear with a contrasting crew neck sweater to make the collar really pop. The stronger the colour contrast, the better if you want to make a statement. Or for warmth, wear it buttoned over a roll neck and layer some necklaces on top for a relaxed, right-on-trend look. 


With the arrival of the winter, came a whole raft of new knitwear with collars already built into them. And we simply can't get enough of these ruffle-edged, broderie-anglaise-adorned beauties right now. There's no heaving on and off different jumper styles to see what works. Pop on your favourite collared knit with some great denim and layered jewellery and you're all set for the day's Zoom calls. Minimum effort for maximum effect. Et voila! 




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